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Akkadian, although a dead language, has left deep imprints on Semitic and some Indo-European languages, and has played an important role in the history of mankind.

It is accepted as the ancestor of all the Semitic languages. Beginning from the era of Sargon I, it became the official language in a vast area from Anatolia to Egypt and to India.

Akkadian was the "Lingua Franca" of the ancient world, and has passed on many words to other languages such as Persina, Sanskrit and Greek. Although, Assyriologists at present ignore it,the lnaguage spoken in the very days of Akkad, in BCE 28-24, 
may have been an agglutinative language like today's 
Turkish or Magyar, 
rather than an inflective language 
like today's Arabic and all Syriac languages.

Thus it may show parallelism with Turkish.

Elşad Alili - Institution of Linguistics, Azerbaijan
Osman Çataloluk - Department of Archeogenetics, Turkey

Similarity Between Turkish & Akkadian Based on Rules of Inflective  Agglutinative Languages

AL&LS Advances in Language and Literary Studies

it is not " Akkadian language"   but 
" my language is Akkadian"
"lisanum akkaditum"

lisanım Akkadça
lisanım Türkçe

the fact